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Contact Resumed

I have emerged from my lair, and I suppose I owe some of you an explanation.

Just to get speculation out of the way, I am not responsible for, nor have I not been doing any of the following:

  • Forgotten in a basement dungeon after the announcement of the royal wedding
  • A guest at Silvio Berlusconi’s “bunga-bunga” parties
  • Trapped as a dancing girl in Muammar Gaddafi’s harem while Libya falls apart

I am fine… ish. The reasons for my disappearance are that I managed to get snowed in out in the wilds of the countryside during the Big Freeze. I then managed to get a stomach bug that transformed me into an understudy from The Exorcist.

During both mishaps, working was simply out of the question, and I also literally could not summon the energy to tap out a few words on the keyboard. Instead, I became reacquainted with daytime television, which has snuffed out any hope I had left for the future of humanity.

Recently, I’ve managed to get my strength back up (I lost an awful lot of weight thanks to the stomach bug) and have been updating my Twitter feed with the occasional link or musing. I am now “fit for action,” so to speak, and normal service has resumed.

Why not check out my Google calendar, which I am now trying to keep up to date, to see the periods when I am available?

Once again, I apologise for not replying to emails individually, but I was either out of range or very unwell.

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Oh, Hai!*,

oh-haiIf you are visiting as the result of the email I sent out earlier, welcome to my new online home!

As you will have been able to see, my last website has not been updated in aeons, I suspect because the orginal outfit in charge has gone out of business. So despite having access to my files, I couldn’t amend or update them there, which is what precipitated this wholesale defection to another web platform. Why not buy my own domain, you ask? Well, because then you’d be able to find out my home address.

So this is now my new online home, which I’m hoping will be a slightly more interactive experience than previously. Along with all of the regular information, there are also going to be the occasional musings on sexuality, polls and the picking of minds. Feel free to leave a comment under a pseudonym on any open posts (I will be the only one who ever has your email address); those of you with “official” nicknames can now use them with abandon. Oh, and for those who partake in its abbreviated delights, I am also on Twitter.

I know that I was very naughty, going to ground without so much as a by-your-leave or a permission slip from the headmaster, but I am back now, and am now more accessible than ever before. Consider this new venue my virtual leash.

* I can’t promise that this will be my only use of LOLcat-speak.