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Photo Studio

Credit: Stella Dauer/Flickr

If you’ve been following me around my various internet haunts for a while, you’ll know that the pictures I currently have (mostly thanks to OF) are out of date and that I could do with some new ones. Alas, I am not minded to shell out on a studio photoshoot, nor am I inclined to do a series of experimental self-portraits. Instead, I have decided to do the next best thing: from now on, I’ll be bringing a camera to sessions with me. You can take as many pictures as the memory card will handle and I will then select the best for display, either here or at my paid galleries at Adultwork. Photographers, of course, will be given a PIN to access their work for free.

Before any budding David Baileys get a little too excited, allow me to clarify: I envisage these pictures as being fairly abstract, shots of parts of my body rather than stereotypical porn. Anything that allows for my easy identification will not make it on to the ‘net, nor will anything that requires more than just a little pointing and clicking. An elaborate mise en scène this is not; no extra time will be given during a booking for you to get the lighting or contrast right, nor will I have access to a Tardis-like dressing-up box for accessories. Nevertheless, I would hope that some imaginative shots will be evocative enough to bring the essence and spirit of a BDSM session to life.

Alternatively, I am quite happy to play in lieu of pay for Dominant professionals who would like to put together a set of pictures, provided that we share copyright and (once again) that I am not easily identifiable. In this instance, however, you will need to have access to a studio or dungeon of your own.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me to clear up any details you are unsure of.