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Do Boys Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses?

I have to admit, I was over my illness a while ago, but I’ve been avoiding taking bookings out of vanity.

I usually wear contact lenses. Specifically, I wear the kind of contact lenses that you stick in at the beginning of the month, forget about, and replace in 30 days’ time. I have worn contact lenses for years without any problems and fully expected to continue doing so after my last eye test, only my ophthalmologist intervened.

I’d been overdoing the freedom from face furniture and now have to pay a fine in the form of not getting a contact lens prescription until the blood vessels around my optic nerve look better. Zeus alone knows when that will be, as I don’t have all of the funky equipment that opticians have to hand, so at the moment I am a four-eyes.

I haven’t been taking bookings because I do realise that I am supposed to look a certain way and that “librarian” is not one of the personas I have ever been asked to adopt. Also, without my glasses, stylish as they they may be, I am scandalously short-sighted. I would barely need to be blindfolded for a scene.

I know that there are men out there who do have a predilection for women wearing spectacles (the fetish is “matogyaliaphilia,” apparently), but aside from one very insistent Serbian barman, I haven’t met any recently. Still, I have to admit that I enjoy the difference of my four-eyes persona. It is very interesting to see the sorts of people who automaticaly treat you more seriously if you happen to have your “stern” face and some Emporio Armani lenses flashing.

So be warned: I am healthy and well, and available for bookings. I just happen to be wearing glasses at the moment. If you think you’d be able to cope and would still like to arrange an appointment, by all means carry on. On the other hand, you could wait for me to get back to my contact lenses, whenever that may be.


In Search of the Elusive G-spot

Apparently, a new study from Kings College has disproved the existence of the G-spot, that mythical nub of flesh somewhere inside the vagina that will cause all women to scream like the ladies in porn films. Really? I’d love to have been a participant in that study, because until recently I was convinced that I could never squirt. Hitachi may have proved me wrong, but until it happened I would have sworn blind that there are some things that the majority of women just don’t do.

Not all women can orgasm from PIV sex alone. Not all women will climax from clitoral stimulation. And there are some women who find it very difficult indeed to orgasm during intercourse at all. This doesn’t make them freaks or outliers. Rather, they need to find partners who fit in with what I like to call their “sexual psychology.” Freakish as it may seem, there are also men who need certain milestones before they can cum during a sexual encounter, and who are happy to end copulation  without ejacuation if conditions aren’t right for them. Neither group should be considered freaks; nor should they need special consideration because they deviate from the norm (which is fake, as most people lie about their sexual experiences anyway, just as they do about their drinking).

So, a basket of “silly rabbit” stuffed toys to the researcher, who have pissed off untold numbers of women who can locate their G-spot. And a hearty “fuck you” to those that funded them. I em envisioning a cabal of millionaires with more money than sense, and terrible finger skills. In the meantime, I am off to reacquaint myself with my vagina and G-spot.